Tuesday, February 26, 2008

December 25th

Credits: Everything from the kit "Twas the night" by Shabby Princess

Journaling reads:
Christmas day was so much fun! After meeting Reagan and her family for breakfast, we headed over to Nana and Pops to open our presents. The boys got the neatest toys - little remote control bus, garbage truck and fire truck, Caterpillar trucks that beep and talk, and a fun traffic light. Lucas liked to hang out with Pops and help him put toys together while Jaxon would pair up with Aunt Leigha, Daddy or Bruiser for a few minutes at a time. Wyatt liked to take his time opening the presents, making sure every bit of paper was off before he would look to see what was inside.

It was wonderful seeing the boys get excited about their new toys or listening to them laugh when they would try to tear into the wrapping paper. So much fun and laughter -just how a family Christmas is meant to be.

Friday, February 22, 2008

December 24th

This was a quick page I used from the Shabby Princess kit. You can read more about the credits here

Journaling reads:
Christmas Eve we went to Nana & Pops to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. Everyone from Gram Robinson, Uncle Ray’s family to little Reagan was there, along with the Smith’s and of course, Nana, Pops, Leigha and TJ. You boys loved playing with Mallory, keeping her busy chasing you through out the house. Your Dad and I have celebrated most holidays with all these people since before we were married, and it meant so much to add you three boys to the mix.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wyatt's Trucks

Credits here

Journaling reads:
Hey buddy, I know it is probably not easy to have two brothers the same age as yourself. They always want the same toys or harass you for the ones you are playing with. Since we saw how frustrating this was for you, we let you claim two trucks as your own. The yellow “cobbage” truck and the “whoo whoo” (ambulance). You do not have to share these trucks and Luke and Jax have given up even trying to get them. The trucks have become your security blanket and you never let them go. Whether you are sleeping, sledding, eating or playing outside, we get your message loud and clear.
The trucks are coming too!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

December 18th

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Journaling reads:

Tonight we stopped by Nana & Pops house and saw they had picked up a fresh Christmas
tree. All the bright ornaments really caught your attention! You boys loved picking out your own to hang on the tree. Poor Nana lost a few ornaments tonight when you tried to make the glass ones bounce. Three separate times.

Friday, February 01, 2008

December 21st

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